Welcome to Simply Justified Photography!

I began taking photos at the age of 13.  Since then, I have acquired a wonderful collection of beautiful photos.  In 2013, I decided to turn my love of photography into a business venture.  I want to share the simplistic yet amazing beauty of nature with those who appreciate it as much as I do.

I specialize in nature shots.  My collection is comprised of images that captured my eye so much that it was “Simply Justified Photography”.  I guess this is why I chose the name for my company.  Why not savor the amazement of nature?  It is ever changing and growing.  Beauty is everywhere around us and we just have to remember to take the time to see it.

I have often hoped that one day my photos would be backdrops for greeting cards or beautifully framed in homes or offices.  Please contact me if one of my photos catches your eye enough to purchase a print.

Clouds, Sun, And Rays





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